Darkest Diwali Ever…

Hope life is treating you well. In this part of the world, festive season is in full swing. We will be celebrating Diwali / Dwipavali, the festival of lights day after tomorrow.

As I look outside while typing this, I see the houses bedecked with lights, crackers bursting in the night sky, and I try to remember the last time I was fortunate enough to spend Diwali in a happy mood.

At this time, I am going through a tough time of my life. And though I hope that I end up getting much better when this is over, the pain of the present hurts.

There have been thousands of thoughts in different angles going on within me for the past few days and I figure, this is a place I can share a bit, hope this does not spoil your festive mood.

And you, yes, you…if you are enjoying your time, with your family, friends or people you love, maybe spending Diwali or may just be your daily life, Enjoy it. Enjoy it fully and feel thankful for it. Live every moment of it and savour it. Because those are the most precious gifts that life can give you.

Meanwhile I will sit right here for the skies to turn blue…hoping for a brighter Diwali next time.

Adios! 🙂

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