A little elixir and a pinch of salt…the aftermath of the journey ;)

According to the Hindu Mythology, during samudra manthana, the great churn, a container of elixir emerged. And some poison too.

The usual enchantment of being in such beautiful places for such a long time was washed off as soon as I hit the workplace floor. The days of being bombarded with work and slogging on things not at all important in practical life has done a good job of getting rid of the starry-eyed hope of a better, more fulfilling work life. Thanks to my long absence, my moderation discussions have done a good job burying it SIX FEET DEEP 😉

But I would still like to ponder on several things. My way of protesting against the daily grind. My journey of the Kailash was also a journey WITH a group of people belonging to different corners of the country. For me, it was a peek into their minds.

I found both, the kind that saw the world as it was and dared to question the wrongs and the ones who saw the world from an old, somewhat outdated lens that made them blind towards the good things that the newer ages have brought. And I have also been witness to some thought processes that seemed peculiar and out-rightly funny.

One such concept that seemed to guide the thought of some of the people was the supposit concept of purity. Don’t get me wrong, but there are some who think of another person as pure or impure, based on their food habits. Not everyone but some.  According to them, if you are a vegetarian, you are pure, shudhh. The moment you dare touch non vegetarian food, you become impure, asudh. Being non vegetarian sort of makes your stature go down in the eyes of them. 😀

I am a Bengali. If you know what I am talking about, you would understand that I belong to the culture where food is a passion. Fish and sweets are the part of the heart a Bong. You only offer your best to the Gods. We feed fish as a delicacy to the Gods here in Bengal. Mutton is also a part of the same. You would rarely find a Bengali born and brought up in Bengal, who is a vegetarian.

And although, personally I don’t prefer fish to that extent, I still think that the know how of selecting the freshest of fishes to be brought to the household is one of the most attractive qualities of a Bengali man. 😀 And you can judge me for that. 😉

And there were times when talking to some of the people made me confused whether to laugh or cry. A gentleman even asked me if the nuts that I had offered to him on the bus were non vegetarian. If it was his question that made me laugh, it was also his fear and lack of knowledge of the food habits of people belonging to a certain state that almost made me cry. 😀

Even these people consider the river Ganga to be pious. She is considered PatitUdharini (one that purifies the impure) by more or less everyone. People distributed Ganga water there. I happen to stay on the bank of the river itself. I have been here forever and Ganga water is nothing extraordinary for me. A gentleman told me that the river water from near my home was not pure. When I asked the reason for such a statement he said that was because the downstream of Ganga, where I stay was polluted by the water from other tributaries. Had he told me that it was due to the pollution caused by the industrial residues and garbage thrown in etc. it would have been more logical, thus palatable for me.

Because it is a fact that the Ganga water is fed by several streams, some known some unknown, small and large throughout its journey.

I thought on the two statements and then found it amusing that some people consider Ganga to be impure for being fed by streams. I would rather be the impure, because I am willing explore and would try to understand several perspectives. 🙂

These were the very same people who went for a pilgrimage to the land they consider the abode of Lord Shiva. The purest, the all engulfing goodness. The one from whom everything originates. The one who is in everything, and everyone. And to my impure mind the concept appeals very much!

I feel that these are self imposed blindness that only can be eradicated by the self. Away from the tour, into the real life, another such comment I have been withstanding since I was three is the one that calls me plumb.

Don’t get me wrong, but it is my natural built. In fact I have always been like that. A healthy and well nourished human being. A Bong girl, dusky, above average.

And I detest the thought of only concentrating on ones looks. It overshadows the other qualities that person may have. Beauty, for me is in depth and intellect. It is in the warmth of heart of a human being. For me, a person with a good sense of humour and intellect is a 100 kg of awesomeness and beautiful and not just the fat guy.

I did not see anything wrong in me and it seemed, and still seems funny when people who don’t know me comment on that. There were however the occasional thoughts of thinking myself as less than others. That was before my mom showed me history.

She showed me the sculptures on the temple walls. And I saw me, allover there. These were the beings that made our ancestors hearts race. Their deepest desires painted on stone. The very essence of beauty, and the poetry that made the stones sing the songs of our glorious, beautiful past.

Just my two cents..colours of life through a different filter.. 🙂

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