Kailash: Pithoragarh to Delhi via Jageshwar, Bhimtal and back to Kolkata!

This post is part of a travel recollection from Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2018 via Lipulekh. For a list of posts in their sequence please refer to the following link:

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra : The beginning…

Continued from the previous post…

The distance from Pithoragarh to Delhi is around 500 KMs. That means it would be a need to take a halt in between. In our case the halt was at BhimTal.

Post being airlifted to Pithoragarh, we started for Bhimtal via Jageshwar.


The temple complex has more than 100 temples built between 7 th and 12 th century.

It required more time to explore this place, but we could only spare a few minutes here. I would need to come back to this place some day.

We reached Bhimtal KMVN Guest House well after 11:30 PM post a breakdown of the bus we were travelling in. We saw a big cat that seemed to be a leopard on our way.

Bhimtal Next morning

Next morning we started from Bhimtal and reached Delhi by evening.

I had booked an early morning flight to return to my home town of Kolkata. The bags that were carried by me easily while coming here during the beginning of the trip seemed heavy as rock post coming back to Delhi at the end of the yatra. I felt tired, almost exhausted.

Next morning post a sleepless night and few more rounds of black coffee, I was back home and working! 🙂 My family was happy and pleasantly surprised of the fact that I had made the journey without any problems. Grace of Shiva, as my mom told me. 😀

Last post of the series here…

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