Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2018 via Lipulekh Pass: The beginning…


“You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.”

Azar Nafisi

The quote above summarises my feeling about my travels. And as the opportunity to travel comes rarely for me these days, I try enjoying every moment of that person travel makes out of me in those occasions. In a way, the following passages weaved of ill-fitted words together are my way of remembering and trying to relive those moments.

I am a bit shaky trying to document the travel stories of my days in Kailash. Because Kailash is not just another holiday trip. It is the journey to a land that is considered auspicious to just about one in every two people on this planet. The region and the mountain and the lake has never been just those to the eyes of the people travelling there. They are sacred, as far as sacredness goes. They are iconic since the time eternal.


For Hindus, it is the land of Shiva, the place he and his consort calls home. The region, Shivlok-the Land of Shiva. It finds its references in Buddhist “Saptha Suryodgamana Sutta”. Jains believe it is where the Jain tirthankara attained Nirvana. The followers of ancient religion Bon, predating Buddhism believe this to be the centre of the universe.

All this and more facts make the task of documenting the journey a very arduous task for a person with half baked knowledge and nothing but a strong sense of curiosity and love for the Himalayas. I would not comment on the spiritual aspects of the trip, as I don’t necessarily speak that language.

Kailash from Deraphuk

But what I have to offer, my friend is the description of an epic trek, as epic as it can get and also magic that filled those moments!

Care to join..? 🙂

Posts in chronological order:

The question Why Kailash?

Some useful(?) infomation on the KMY operated by Indian Govt.

The first few days of Medical checks and other important details

The first leg: Almora and Pithoragarh

On the sideline : A shortneot on Golu Devta Temple of Almora

The first four days of Gunji , Visit to the village of Nabi, healthchecks

Journey to Kalapani

Nabhidhang to Taklakot via Lipulekh Pass

Kailash Parikrama :Day 1: Darchen to Deraphuk

Kailash Parikrama :Day 2: Deraphuk to Zunzuipu via Dolma La

Kailash Parikrama :Day 3: Back to Darchen and stay at Mansarovar

Back to India via Lipulekh and Days of Gunji Part 2

Pithoragarh to Delhi via Jagyeshwar and back to Kolkata

The 109 th bead

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  1. Mohit Badoni says:

    Amazing… it’s like reliving the days. Great flair and writing style.


    1. Enakshi says:

      Thank you Mohit, for your encouragement and appreciation 🙂 Hopefully, some more posts to be added in future 🙂


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