My small-time Himalayan Sojourn : A suitable ending…

At times, the good things are packaged badly, so much so that the bad packaging hides the good things within completely. 🙂

This happened to me off late, regarding the trip to Kedarnath and Badrinath. You could read the details here in Part1 , Part 2 , Part 3  and last but cirtainly not the least Part 4

It was a late realisation upon sort of a challenge from a little known but respectable individual that made me rethink of the trip. I reluctantly started documenting the trip and that made me re-live the moments. I realised that when people say one remembers only the fondest of the memories of times bygone, they speak the truth. 🙂

I thought I would see some of the Himalayas in this trip. Side by side, my family would visit some of the pilgrimage spots in the region.

There were HUGE issues with simple, basic logistics while on road, and it was difficult to see my family suffer. But it is also a fact that as I write this, my family has recovered completely post being sick from the strain of the ill managed trip.

Now, I get bombarded with their repeated requests to show them ALL the photographs that we took while on the trip. 🙂 Our times of travelling together is remembered with anecdotes and scenery of the roads travelled by marvelled, over our little chai session or at the dinner table. In this fast paced age, it is indeed a blessing to spend quality time with the people who love you so much, as to forgive you for badly made coffee? 😀

If you have read the earlier posts, you would know that we were unable to reach the shrine of Kedarnath ( you could read about it here ). The minor fault of not being able to reach Kedarnath remains like a faint pain. But it also remains as a huge reason to go back to that part of the Himalayas once more, as tall and inviting a challenge, as the great Himalayas itself.

Godly Mount Neelkanth

The fact that there were problems cannot be dismissed completely (here, let me warn you NOT to hire any agency for these tours. Arrange it for yourself!)

But there were even more help from unexpected sources. The gesture of a local to cheer us up to traverse the remaining road, willingness of them to show me just another spot for great shots, even getting handed over a complete seat by the person in charge when we only had sharing seats due to mismanagement remain to be sheer “people magic” moments for me.

This brings me to a little piece of poetry very close to my heart by none other than  Kabir :

साहिब तमारी साहिबी सब घट रही समाए
ज्यों मेंहदी के पात में लाली लखी नहीं जाए

‘presence of a supreme good
Pervades every body
Like the red unseen
In the green Henna leaf.’

We have had many moments of sheer joy, awe and inspiration during the short trip. These numerous moments remain as testament of experiencing something greater than all of us for me personally. I would like to think them as incidental and yet a part of me would still feel grateful for every single one of them.

That leaves one more important task before I close this post. I would like to thank you, my friend, for taking the time out to read through. I would like you to know that I appreciate it! 🙂

Till we meet again…!



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