The tale of a single shot…

No , this is not about photography. I am not fit for providing any advice on that, infact, I am so bad at it that I consider photography not entirely my cup of tea. But that changed to some extent in recent past.

I had a precious opportunity to take a long and hard look into my lame photographic skills last week. I have always wanted to take great photographs, because I love how powerful the medium is.. it literally translates into thousands of words, with many interpretations.

As part of my latest venture ,had a rare opportunity to try my hands on real life situations worth freezing through photography.

On one hand it made me realise the technical settings required for different situations, on the other, I got a chance to peep into the minds of those who photograph it. The struggles they face as photographers from the situations, surroundings and non cooperative subjects.

And I salute those who can withstand it for a long duration and keep doing it.

The girl in green robe…

For the viewer, she is just a kid, standing against a colourful background. Her eyes show curiosity, her body language comfortless and tensed.  For the photographer, a new frame, one that they wish to capture as a perfect painting with light. A new challenge to capture the perfect moment with proper tone and just the expression they require.

I was intrigued by this battle. I was also part of the same. But there was the other side of the battle as well. The so called subjects for the shots were not only elements in a frame but also living breathing human beings. As another human, there is an uncanny feeling of helplessness in seeing the other only in terms of colour, tone, measuring the angle of light or de-cluttering of the background.

It was very uncomfortable, until I noticed a tiny twinkle in the eye of one of them, and then noticed the others and saw the same for all, as if, they were happy to be clicked. Finally, I was able to get some candid shots.

Waiting for the son to come back home

And that is how it went on , the battle of the right and wrong!

Battle of the good and evil..

What was the challenge you faced the first time you did street photography or still face while on a photography session? Let  me know in your comments! 🙂


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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    You clicked some wonderful shots. Photography is an art too, which comes from experience! Nothing to be ashamed of though if there is a lack of it.

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    1. enawonder says:

      Thank you Alok for the encouraging words! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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