Maynaguri: Doorway to Dooars

Maynaguri is termed as the entry point to Dooars. It is a town around 50 Km from Siliguri, another major town in this region. The place has important tourist destinations, like Gorumara national park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary etc. We reached Maynaguri by train and went to a resort near the forest area. Unfortunately, rain decided to be the partycrasher for an early morning safari of Gorumara. We could not go out during the better part of the day. It seemed to matter really less, after all, not everyday do you get to see tall trees getting drenched in the rain, hear a cuckoo calling in the middle of the day or get to see a tea plantation just beside your room with leafs coloured the dark green from your dreams. And we keep trying to find out the positive sides of working in cubicles. 😀

So then…we were able to go out a little before the dusk. We went to a temple to start our tour with. And it was a Shiva temple, albeit with a difference. It seems to me that our culture is often most beautiful composition of most contrasting notions. Before you get bored, have a look at the picture under. Do you notice anything weird for a Hindu temple?


If you did, you are correct. Islamic architecture influence is noticeable here. And it houses the most liberal gods for the Hindus…Lord Shiva. And that is not the only thing that is different about this place. In place of the Shivling, called “Anadi” here, there is a fountain. Maybe an underground river or an artesian well..who knows? But for those who believe, it is the living breathing form of Maheswara, the lord.

We came back in the evening. And there was a power failure. I got to see the most amazing darkness I had seen for a while.dooars_3 The thick black darkness that we never see in the city…and it had the most amazing scene with thousands of fireflies dancing in the pitch black darkness. And we slept a pleasant sleep with the reality looking like a vivid dream and the air perfumed with the smell of damp earth.

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