Dooars: The mystery beyond

By now, you can guess the destination I spoke about in my previous post. It was indeed, Dooars. It acts, in fact as the door to the hilly regions situated at the North and north east of India. This place offers access to Bhutan and the western Himalayas as well.

You stumble upon beautiful and often unexplored beauty at every nook and corner in this area. And not just any beauty, but the dark, deep beauty of forest that adorns the mountains, the rivers that makes the mountain speak, the wildlife that inhibits these dark forests that give it its character. The place has a certain mysterious and equally hard to resist appeal to it. I can imagine the trees in the forest whispering the dramatic, ever changing history of this place.


But, an well formatted, well documented travel plan for this region is still somewhat hard to find on the net and  is often not current. So here goes, my contribution towards making this beautiful place a bit more accessible with some useful info on the same. I have also written our tour plan here. I will explain as I elaborate on these the ups and downs of this trip plan and you can then pick and choose and even add some newer places to this.

Our trip was :

Day 1: Start from Kolkata on train

Day 2: Reach Moynaguri, Go for Local site seeing like Jalpeswara temple etc.

Day 3: Go for early morning safari in Gorumara. Go to Jhalong, Bindu, Samsing, Santhalikhola, Rocky Island and back to Moynaguri

Day 4: Start for Madarihat. Go for Chilapata Safari, South Khairbari

Day 5: Early morning safari to Jaldapara, start for Coochbehar. En route see Boxa tiger reserve, Jayanti, Baneswar temple and Coochbehar Rajbari (palace), Sagardighi etc.

Day 6: Start for Kolkata

Day 7: Reach Kolkata early morning.

It was somewhat hectic but like all our trips, we enjoyed to the core and would not be unwilling to go again. 🙂

The only thing I regretted about this plan was the train journey. It was considerably cheaper but time consuming. 😦 I wish I had taken a flight from Kolkata to Bagdogra and arranged for a car pickup from there. That would not have been that cheap but would have been a lot more less stressful.



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