Life of a daily commuter..

Dear friend,

It has been a while since I have had the latest post published on this blog. In the meantime, I for lack of places to go and much interesting things to do, have become somewhat stagnant. evening_sky

At times it is difficult to see the sun from within the cloudy sky. But we often fail to see the colours it brings. I was thinking the other day about this issue..the becoming stagnant thing…and I started to mentally note down what I have been doing so far.

It occurred to me that though there is a lack of DIFFERENT places to go, I have not been TOTALLY static. I have been waking up really early (read at around 6:30 AM ) to catch an early morning bus to work. I am, by nature, a night owl and waking up in the morning earlier than usual makes me feel like a zombie all day…that said, I did not mind going to office like a zombie if that meant avoiding the clogged up traffic as the day progresses, courtesy a bridge repair in progress en route my work.

But you know what? Despite the visceral disgust towards the people who blocked the usual route for the bridge repair work (that forced people to use a tollway otherwise used by truck and other commercial vehicles), I  have been really noticing some beautiful scenery while in the bus. I thought why not share a few pics of my daily commute?

Everyday I cross river Ganga in order to go to my work . There are two parallel bridges and just on the other side of the river lies the temple of Dakshineswar, a famous religious spot.IMG_20160804_075103


Then I take an express way that smoothly glides the bus towards the destination.

Iron horse of West Bengal, an Ambassador! 😀


On the sides of the road are some beautiful water bodies. In the morning they look wonderfully still with molten silver inside with the surrounding vegetation reflecting on water. I would like to post a picture someday.

My work place is still going through a lot of changes due to development work going on everywhere and it is a contrast to see palm trees and concrete structures under construction side by side.

And then, there are thesights from roaming around the street food corner near office and stumbling upon signs like these… 🙂

Eh..Bamboo …food court..?? I wonder…

The food is good though! 🙂

I do not get much time to spend at home these days, but occasionally,when I do, I like to see the sunset from my terrace…

Sunset from terrace…of course I used a good camera this time! 😀

My everyday life is beautiful journey, do come to meet me to experience it! 🙂

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