Breaking the inertia: my next trip plan..


I was going through the most tough times of my life a month ago. The pain of loss of the most loved individual in one’s life will stay. But what is more important is to break the inertia and get back to life again for keeping his legacy on.

This has left me wanting to move away from the usual surroundings. So, in my usual quest for finding out the most perfect place to travel with a broken heart, I stumbled upon a place that has some of the most beautiful approach roads, has kept old traditions from Tibet alive, even though the same is not found in Tibet any more, has some of the highest inhibited villages in Asia, thousands of years old monasteries. It also has the highest post office and petrol pumps in Asia …and a 500 year old naturally preserved  mummy of a Buddhist monk called Sangha Tenzin.

That summarises to Spiti Vally. 🙂  I had always wanted to visit Spiti, however, the thought slipped away while going about the mundane tasks of the usual life.

Spiti is known as the lesser known cousin of Ladakh. I have had the pleasure of visiting the later. And I must say, I am mesmerised by the memories of that visit from a year before. However, it is my personal habit not to carry any pre held expectations about a place before visiting. Rather, you check some, find some details and then take the experience as new and unique to the place. I never ever forget to do my homework on finding out the highlights though! 😀

To begin the journey, I would have to go to Delhi, and due to the lack of time in today’s world, flight is the best option. And I see, the yatra website has some promotions going on for both Domestic flights and International flights.

There are two routes to Spiti, from Shimla, or from Manali. But the route from Manali takes one via two of the most breath taking mountain passes.. Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass. The route is open during the summer. One needs to get to Kaza, the administrative capital of Spiti. One can travel to higher altitude villages  like Langzha and then to Komic , the highest situated village in Spiti, from Kaza.

The route offers excellent chances to spot the wildlife including Blue ship, Red fox, Tibetan wolf, even snow leopard!

The neighbouring village of Hikkim houses the highest post office in the world…. maybe I will pack an envelop or two for posting from this post office…the stamps with the dates would be great souvenirs to receive post the trip! 😀

Once back to Kaza, the trip does not end. It will take us to the age old Tabo monastery (almost 1000 years old) and to Dhankar lake. One can visit Pin valley for the beautiful view. One can visit Giu village, located around 40 kilometres away from the Tabo Monastery for paying respects to the mummy of Sangha Tenzin.

Hmm….I feel the travel bug bite again and cant resist taking this trip on.. let me know if you are interested for this trip too! 🙂



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