Marhaba! And there was light!

But dear, I had a problem. If we take it as a problem that is… The issue is, I am a lady and in this country, ladies are not allowed to wander alone into the streets. They are supposed to be accompanied by a male guardian like father, brother or husband…and I had none there. And I LOVE to wander, so much so, that it feels like a part of me has died or worse, has been put in a cage.

But as with all problems, there was the sheer goodness of human heart to the rescue. It is an out of the ordinary and frequent incidence in my life, that where ever I find myself a bit cornered during my travels, I find someone as beautiful and warm hearted as an angel who provides me with that extra bit of courage to take the next step. In this case, it was the first step out alone. 🙂 And I found not one but several friends in my new found colleagues.

BTW, did you know that the workplace has separate wings for male and females there? That the ladies in the female wing have a great time working and enjoying amongst themselves? 🙂

They told me that I could go out as long as I was wearing the Abaya and had a chauffeur to drive me around. Voila! 🙂 I was freeeee! Felt like dancing, but settled for a full bar of Snickers.. 😛

Next, I ventured out into the open to enjoy as much of my locality as time would permit. But due to time constraint, I had to stay close to the city of Riyadh. And due to obvious reason , there was issues with taking pictures. So you would rather start sharpening your imagination skills….you would need that a lot from now on… 😀

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