Marhaba! Prelude…

This is my post after a bit of delay. And my dear friend, I can perfectly explain! When does an otherwise eager to write woman does not write? When she is really busy home with a sick kitten… 😦  But I am going to start anyway…and this is going to be my prelude to (hopefully..) a few more posts..

I have been to Saudi Arabia off late.. and before I start writing about that, a bit from the home front.

I am a family person and with all pride, I still brag to the world that I live with my parents and life is pretty much an all expenses paid holiday for me, that is when I am not working.. 😀 The first question I was asked by them is “Are you kidding us?  Saudi? Are you serious?” And after they were reasonably convinced that I was not sleep walking directly from my work, they said “Then you would requires a …you know what?” And my dad is NOT a Harry potter fan , he certainly does not fear stating the name of you know whom? 😛

I knew, and just the next weekend, I went to the beautifully crowded , pre Christmas crowd packed New market in Kolkata, smelling the flowers and the cakes from Nahoum’s,  seeing the Santa clause dolls and Christmas decorations overflow the shops and listening to the azan of a mosk nearby. After asking almost all burkha clad ladies walking the street about where they got their burkhas, to a small shop who specializes in All types of Islamic clothing. I was surprised by the variety but now, it was the shopkeeper’s turn to be surprised! 😀

My friend and me, two non-Muslim looking ladies, asking around for burkha? He saw us suspiciously as if we were getting ready to rob a bank, but then he understood my position. Single lady, travelling to the veiled kingdom. And sold us the most beautiful burkha in black, crystal studed everywhere. It looked a tad bit more pretty than I am, but then when all that the people are going to see of me, why not a bit of deception 😉 , I thought! 😀

And before I knew, it was the Christmas day, and I was presented with the tickets by my ever so friendly employer ( that I had to arrange 😛 ) and off we go , to Kolkata airport (the burkha in the front chain of my bag)


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