Climb up, Dive In and sit still

Funny how some blog headings sound? This one came while quietly contemplating a blog post for all that happened in 2015. Year 2015 has gone, just like another day, a change of calendar. Almost 9 days have gone in this current year, swiftly, like a swish of the wand of a magician.

But there is an urge to look back, even if we are in the new year, just like at times, we need to look back, even if for a moment before finally moving on. Like the pause in the pray after you reach 108 the bead.

So here goes , my 109 th bead, for year 2015..because it has taught me a lot and then some.. 🙂

Dear year 2015,

You were one of the memorable years of my life, like they say, significant but not small. You were one of the mile stone years of my life and in your own way, you taught me a lot. I want to thank you for that.

I had a dream, the one I was nurturing for a long time, and all the years before you did not find me reaching that. I wanted to go to the cold desert, one of a kind place on earth, where mountains sing to the sky and sky gets into a lake to bathe. I wanted to feel the calm and tranquility that makes you feel a bit less significant in a good way, for a little while and just observe the beauty of nature. Everyone of them but you.

In 2015, I was finally able to go for the dream of travelling to Ladakh, and have a real authentic, beautiful experience doing it. Thank you, for you taught me to never kill a dream. 🙂 And also to dive deep… which brings us to my next journey.

I am in love with sea all my life. 😀 For as long as I recall, I find myself sitting alone on the seashore counting waves, no matter whether it is in Puri in Orissa or Digha in West Bengal or the Arabian sea in Mumbai. I find sea to be that friend, who hears you speak and never takes anything from you. This year, I learnt to dive deep to find the beauties in the sea. I went to the wonderfully enchanting Andamans, which was one of the most memorable journeys of my life. It inspired me to document my feeling here in my blog, for it was like a beautiful story, one that someday, my grand children will like to read, as my grand parents showed me their old albums. It also taught me to be still.

The urge to proceed forward and be still when required took effect in professional life as well. It was challenging, specially, as a female contender, it was particularly hard. But, finally,all that I wanted for all this time in my professional life came true. What came as a result of that is the opportunity for more travel. Talk about a double dream come true! 🙂

2015, before going gave me the final gift, an immigration stamp in my passport, exactly 5 days before it went away to make way for 2016.

Passport gets first immigration stamp!

The last sunset of 2015 and first day of 2016 came while I was in a different country than my own.

Last sunset of 2015…

What I see is a country, that is progressive, yet proud of and carefully protecting their culture, close to their roots. This perception is the first gift from 2016.

First day of 2016!

As always, the old makes way for the new. Year 2015 made way for 2016. And I am happy, happy to have lived through the testing times, and happy to have come this far. I look forward to the rest of 2016 eagerly, with bright eyes to see more beautiful sights.

But to year 2015, just to say, you will be remembered fondly, for all time to come in my life. 🙂


And so should you my friend, so should you… 🙂

So, tell me what has year 2015 brought to you? and what will you look forward to in this new year? Let me know by writing in the comment section below.. 🙂

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.


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