Getting Leh ed : Travelling deep into the beauty

The next day after we reached Leh, we started towards Uletokpo. This would be crucial for the rest of the trip as we will climb to an altitude of around 10000 ft today. It will better acclimatize us to the change of altitude.

We take the Leh – Srinagar highway. The journey takes us through a beautiful road with the picturesque mountains that called me to Ladakh. The landscape truly is to die for.

My way or the highway

We saw mountains that were curved by wind and heat. There were hues of grey , green and even a slight shade of Red. And land, open land. The mountains seemed too close, as if we can run to touch them and run back to our cars again in a matter of minutes, but  then, that is what happens to you when you are suddenly presented with so much of beauty. So I let my eyes and imagination fly. 🙂ladakh003

The wind is crisp cold and the heat of the sun is burning. There is a difference between hearing someone speak of something and experiencing it first hand. And to be frank, I understood why it is said that Only in Ladakh, you can simultaneously have frostbite and heat stroke! 😀

But at the same time..there was something more..something that made me look twice , and thrice towards the people around me. I guess, that was my actual start of travel, because, travelling is more than the beauty of the place, it is about the people. And I saw local people, for the first time in this trip. Before we took the highway I saw the people in the market, going about their usual lives, with a smile. The shop owners, doing their jobs while they count their prayer beads. And the serenity, that catches eyes, the ease with which they see that hard life in those rugged terrains as the usual life.

Every trip brings with itself, some new things that one experiences about themselves and has its own intoxication of the discovery. This was it. It seemed to me, that their lives are as beautiful and as hard as the rocks in those mountains. 🙂


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