Getting Leh ed: Akeli ladki = khuli tijori? :P

Ok, first things first! I traveled solo and had to spend the night at New Delhi for an early morning flight to Leh. I was fine with the idea, however, my parents did not want me to move out of the airport. So I spent the night at a transit hotel… 😦 It burnt a hole in my pocket… 😦

So much for the akeli ladki = khuli tijori… πŸ˜›



For my non-Hindi speaking friends, who do not recognize the popular dialogue from a movie, it means a solo woman is an unlocked chest of jewels.. πŸ˜›


The lounge was really fine actually. I had a decent sleep and woke up early ,had a hearty breakfast there before catching my flight in the morning along with my other friends who had chose to spend the night on the waiting seats in the airport… and were yawning… :O Β The flight was supposed to be a short one. And I had little hope to see anything…until I looked out of the window to find the first glance of the snow capped mountain ranges. It felt like finally catching a dream.


It is an experience to land in Leh. I can imagine how much expertise is required of the pilots to land a plane in the small patch of runway, surrounded by mountains in all sides. It was exciting. The airport had such a beautiful view, I could not imagine what more awaited my eyes in the next few days.. πŸ™‚




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