Andaman Dreams – Munda Pahar Beach and Chidia Tapu

So, this is it, the final part of the journey. By 3 PM, we were asked to get ready. We went to Munda pahar beach for viewing sunset.

Munda Pahar Beach

And as cliché as it might sound, indeed, the best was saved for last. 🙂 The journey was as good as the destination. We took a long road, sometimes taking us just beside the sea, sometimes winding up a hilly road from a forest path.

The heat of the sun had just died off, so it was pleasant, and bright. We went through the paradise to a beautiful garden, and during sunset, we saw the garden turning into heaven.

My traveler’s eyes found the sweetest dream awake with sun playing with colors in the canvas that was the sky. Another splendid transformation continued as we dreamed with our eyes open until it was dark. I wish all endings were as perfect as this 🙂

I leave the pictures to do rest of the talking… 🙂


IMG_04 IMG_03 IMG_02



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