Andaman dreams – Heart of the island – Island of hearts

This is the thirteenth post of my blog, and of my life. And as a coincidence, this post talks about an unfortunate event that forced us to make few changes to the original travel plan. So we reached Neil Island. The clouds had parted to reveal a beautiful setting sun. With what remained of the sun, we found the Neil jetty beautifully quiet and enchanting. There is a feeling that everyone has about anything , when it begins, sometimes, it feels awesome, sometimes it feels like its going toIMG_05 be fun. Neil Island had me feeling relaxed yet eager to explore. My feet felt otherwise though. It PAINED! But as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason, I too was able to explore an otherwise unexplored version of the life in the remote islands such as this , and it could not have happened unless I had had the pain. This made me feel not the beauty of the island, but the beautifully generous and hospitable people it had. The gorgeousness of the simplicity and warmth of human heart often mesmerizes others. And this was my turn.

We had pre-arranged our stay sight seeing, and the person concerned was present there along with a car and the chauffeur. We wanted to get the wound checked before we went to the hotel. He took us to a government health center. At IMG_03first, my eyes, more accustomed to the centers in city expected to see a dirty place, with several people in queue for unavailable medicines. But I was greeted by a pleasant, quiet place, large that looked like a well felicitated one. There was a pharmacist at his desk. He asked me to check if I was able to move the toe, and I was.

He: Hmm..does not look like a major fracture.


He:But this is a major sprain and its going to be painful.


Me:Can I have some pain killers?

He: Yes

Me:And a brace/crepe bandage


He:But you are here to see the local place, don’t stop your plans, just try to walk a little less, you will be fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

I felt like kissing this man out of joy! Who ever that gentleman was, God bless him ๐Ÿ™‚

He gave me everything I required for tackling the sore ankle and enjoying my time in the island, and because of the hospitality shown by my contact in the island, I had no shortage of cold press in the hotel. Even the hotel stuff offered to serve the dinner in the room, without asking, obviously we denied, I was not that sick ๐Ÿ™‚

But in all of this, the heart of the people of this serene island, as beautiful as the Island was revealed to us.

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