Andaman dreams – Goodbye Neil Island

Next day at the Neil islands, this is also the last day in Neil island, we go for a bit of sight seeing. We start by visiting the coral bridge. The way is muddy, slipery and definitely not walkable. With my feet, I decide to stay at the entry while others make it toIMG_09 the beach , and they say, and it seems that it was a long a torturous walk from within a slender path in the jungle. I only got to see the  picture, and missed it.. 😦

After that we came to Bharatpur Beach. Lots of water activities are IMG_06available. I was willing to go scuba in this trip, but did not go for it as I was not sure if these people are PADI certified. So, we wnt for a glass bottom boat ride. It was kinda fun, we got to a place little far from theIMG_08 shore and could see finger corals, brain corals , Table coral and hard corlas. The huge hard corals seemed like thousands of years old.

We came back after the ride and spent time in the beach under the shade of some trees enjoying fresh coconut water. Time seemed to stop… 🙂

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