Andaman Dreams -Havelock to Neil

So, after enjoying our time in the paradise of Havelock, the feet gets heavy. We feel unwilling to get off the island, but time calls and our ferry to the next destination comes to the jetty and we are helpless. We drag our selves into it. I try to climb down a set of stairs, and something a few moments, I find myself lying on the floor of the ferry, and I try to get up trying to reduce theimg06 number of people eyeing my condition but something tells me I have been better…especially in the feet.

That was my clue… I feel like jumping off the ferry into the sea and invite some sharks to eat me up before the people start laughing… 😛

But somehow drop that plan to move to a seat in the corner and take a rain check on the wounded feet. It swells and in some time, I find it difficult to put my shoe on. To hell with it , I say and move out in the open to escape the lady-that-fell-down-funnily stare in the prying eyes img07and re consider the decision to invite those sharks.. I find a beautiful rainy afternoon instead and decide to soak up the sun in the open deck. The sharks also do not seem to be nearby, I see some more shoals of flying fish, bouncing and jumping on the waves that the ferry made in the sea. In sometime, I see some more clouds, wind hits a bit more, sea gets a bit tipsy and for the first time, I see Kala-Pani, the black waters, deep, dark ocean. It was magnificent and fearsome at the same time.

In the two and a half hour journey, I stand in the deck, not taking my eyes off the ocean, or the sky. Not taking a second off the feeling  of the breeze on my face..until the time comes for us to get off the ferry…but that is a different story… 🙂

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