Andaman Dreams – Have luck to go Havelock?

Imagine a pristine beach of white sand. Imagine a sea of molten turquoise coming up to the beach every now and then, gently, as if to lead her to him. Imagine some coconut trees leaning into the sea from the safe pic44heaven of the beach as if to hear what the sea had to say to the beach. Add a bright sun in the sky, at times under the hood of some harmless clouds, resplendent as it is, looking like a piece of diamond wrapped in cotton ball…that, my friend, can be what the paradise for you, but after visiting, that is what the island of Havelock looked like to me.   Havelock…ahh Havelock.. 🙂

We reached you in the morning, with slightly cloudy sky as our ferry touched the land taking us through the turquoise pic47waters. Rain accompanied us like a puppy from the last shore, only to be lost midway. It was bright, sun decided to see me after a while. Happy with the attention of the sun, the water, the white sand, the deep green trees…all decided to smile. I was greeted with an overwhelming beauty all around.

We moved into a beautiful property on the Vijay nagar beach (Beach No 5) It was pic48a small two storied house, right on the beach.

A path with coconut trees on both sides took all those who searched for waters to it. We could see the waters right from the bed.

After freshening up a bit, I decided to check out the sea, so I took the path, to the real beauty of the paradise…I saw a beach, the sea so calm, took me in its was an inviting swimming pool of a sea! pic45pic54

There was hammock on the beach, some floating platforms, shade of trees and plenty of food and drinks.

All you required at a place like this is to take your favorite book and a bottle of your favorite drink. Nirvana! 🙂

After enjoying in the Vijaynagar beach for almost the entire duration, we went to Kalapathhar beach in the late afternoon. By the time, the clouds had found their way to us.pic43 But the picture we had at Kalapathhar beach was another wonderful experience. It seemed like I was taken to another world. The sun was bright from within the clouds, and the sea looked beautiful. It was Magical.

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