Andaman Dreams – Bon voyage! :)


We were talking about the part AFTER visiting the spectacular Ross and Smith islands in North Andaman, you are welcome 🙂  We also visited some other sights in Mayabander while returning to Rangat after visiting the Ross and Smith. After a day well spent, we retired at our rooms in the town of Rangat. Next morning we were on our way to the tropical paradise of Havelock island. But first, the journey! 🙂

We took a government ferry from Rangat to reach Havelock island. This is an important lifeline for the island residents. There are a few cruises between Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island, but from Rangat, there is only the government ferry pic52to port Blair. The people use this to reach Port Blair on a regular basis.

We went to the Rangat jetty early in the morning. The ferry MV Chowldari, was supposed to start by 6:15 AM. It was also, the first, ok read this carefully…First ferry in my life 🙂

Journey through open waters always inspired my imagination…the look of sea on all sides till the eye can see…ahh 🙂 So, after some struggle with self, contemplation of me getting thrown into the sea while getting onto the ferry through the narrow metallic walkway,the logical mind won and I was finally on the vessel. 😀

The ferry started after a while and I saw Rangat disappearing slowly into the oblivion of the blue grey sea. We got a taste of the local life on board. We saw some local girls, studying en route, who were going to the main city of Port Blair for some exams. We even saw a person being carried, who had fallen down to pic49break his shoulder and was being taken to Port Blair for further treatment. He was placed on the floor and was on dip. We spoke to the attendant, who turned to be a bong, like us and she was very happy to meet and talk about the local places. We told her how much we loved the place she was living and how beautiful the people were 🙂

After a session of adda with my new found acquaintances, it was time for moving out to deck. We had the rain following us throughout, hence, it was comfortable standing on the deck the whole time.

And I saw all the sea I could with my eyes..some flying fish schools greeted me before they disappeared in the distance, dancing on the waves. Our little ferry went slowly cutting the sea, making waves of milky while line on the water. The only sound was the hum of the engine. It was beautiful… 🙂

The route from Rangat to Havelock is pretty interesting. It takes you through long island, Strait island to Havelock before continuing to the island of Neil and finally to Port Blair.pic53

One can get down at long Island, which is popular among the

pic42adventurous for an experience of staying near raw, untamed nature.

But one needs to get a permit to go to strait island, more precisely, to get down at Strait. Reason? Strait island is home to the still surviving 60 families of the Great Andamanese, one of the indiginious people of andaman.

My friend says earlier there was no jetty at Strait island and pic51the people and goods were transferred on small dunghis or local fisherman’s boats to the ferry, which anchored a bit off the shore. I came to see a jetty at Strait and continued to Havelock. Next stop…Havelock mania!! 🙂

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