Andaman Dreams – D day – Ross and Smith

So, we proceed to Ross and Smith Islands as per itinerary despite a cloudy sky. I am 75% dead by now. 50 % by the cloudy sky, which would mean we wont have the same colours of the sand and sea, 25% because it would mean the sea would be rough and we would be journeying by a speed boat. And with the current body weight of a baby elephant, the old life jacket would do little to keep me afloat. 😛

But as we say, fortune favors those who dare…or …similar…

We proceed…first to the fiber boat and then to the open waters… pic21There are four of us in the boat along with two men who seem to be knowing their job well. A life guard comes and briefs us about the safety features and to do s.

He also makes us aware that nothing can be brought back from the islands, even a shell or a piece of coral as they are protected areas.. and we proceed in the open waters, in a cloudy day, in a fiber boat…

Part of Smith Island
Part of Smith Island visible from mid sea

Slowly, some more islands, small and big comes to our view. We pass them to reveal part of our destination. Only part of Smith Islands come to our view. The mist goes out of the way to suddenly reveal a part of Smith Islands.

Then all of a sudden, one of the boat members show me something. I see the sand bar highlighted like a white line between the two islands almost reflecting from within the water.pic23

I let out a shout of joy! We reach the shore of Smith islands shortly

. pic26We find ourselves the only people in the beach except for another family.

The beach is well maintained. It has everything from ample shades in the form of stylishly created huts on the beach, to changing rooms to wash rooms and water supply for taking a bath after a dip in the sea.

pic27I always heard that this beach is one of the best beaches Andaman has to offer, now I know why. It is pristine. Sea is calm. The water is turquoise from afar and crystal clear when you enter. It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

While the others enjoy themselves in the water, we quickly change into swimming cloths in the changing rooms provided and prepare to take a walk across the sand bar to reach Ross Island Sanctuary. The boat guy tells us that not everyone gets to walk across the sand bar AND see it getting submerged 🙂

By the time I start for the sand bar, I see my dad and brother halfway in there. I pace up to catch them. The waves reaching pic28my feet in middle of the narrow sand bridge welcome me to a sea of beauty and calm. I stand in middle of the sand bar to view the endless water on the sides. After a while of trudging through the soft, powdery sand, reach the other end.pic29 Ross Islands. The small island looks like a small bush from afar.The visitors only are allowed till a small hut in this island. This island is a sanctuary for deer and antelopes. Unfortunately, we did not get to see any this time.

After a while, we start back towards Smith island. The water has started to come up to envelop the sand bar like a sheet of crystal. The stones and corals underneath are all visible clearly. pic31By the time I am halfway, the water comes up a little more than my toes.

As I stare back after reaching Smith Island, I find the sandbar underwater, with only a hue of white from under water where it had once been. It was dramatic transformation. And perhaps the epitome of what we came here for. The awe , the beauty and one memory to take back from the entire trip and to remember in all its vividness time and again.

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