Andaman Dreams – The trip!

Continued from my previous post…

So, the trip finalized was as under:

  • Fly to Port Blair from home city (Kolkata)
  • Port Blair site seeing like Carvin’s cove beach, Cellular jail with the staple light and sound show
  • North Andaman to see Ross and Smith Islands , Karmatang beach, Dhaninallah , Aamkunj, Marisdera beaches along with seeing the limestone caves and mud volcano enroute
  • Havelock and Neil island night stays
  • back to Port Blair for some more museums, aquarium, Chatham saw mill, Chiria Tapu, Munda pahar beach, saddle peak etc.

But the one place I was really truly excited and was looking forward to visiting was the crown jewel of North Andaman the twin islands of Ross and smith. And look what I found there… 😛


Next part..Start of the travel… see you there! 🙂

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